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My Journey to Edinburgh

Of all the things I remember about going to Edinburgh, the Edinburgh Premier Inn hotels were absolutely stunning. As it has been over a decade since I’ve been there, I can’t quite recall the exact name of the hotel, although I remember it being along the lines of the Green Palace. But after all, I still can’t quite remember the name perfectly, it might just be a figment of my imagination trying to fill in an empty space. The hotel was very beautiful and took after its name by having much wildlife around it and a large collection of domesticated plants inside. They still had luxuries such as television with cable, free breakfast and dinner, and several pools separated by the class of the rooms. The rooms went from bargain to luxurious presidential suites. What I recall the most though is the tours that they gave. The area around it was beautiful.

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A Story About Real Tough Guys

Last weekend my friends and I held our annual fantasy football draft. Each year have the draft in my basement man-cave. It’s quite the sight to see, 10 middle-aged men, sitting around drinking beer, insulting one another, and most importantly bragging about being tough. Oh yeah, we also pick players for our fantasy football teams too, but that’s just an afterthought. So, imagine my surprise when all these self-described tough guys happened to see a mouse scurry across the basement floor. The high pitched squeals would have made a pre-teen girl blush. There were 300 pound men standing on couches, and tripping over one another trying to run up the basement stairs. The smallest mouse you will ever see caused glasses to be broken, beer to be spilled, bar stools to be tipped over, and grown men to lose their dignity. At next year’s draft, when one of my friends mentions how much they can bench-press, I’ll kindly remind him that a two-ounce mouse almost made him wet himself.

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Selecting The Right Stone

Selecting decorative aggregates can seem like an incredibly daunting and complex task. However, with a little knowledge and creativity, you will be able to select your stone from a palette of options with almost no complications. When selecting an aggregate, the main factors to consider will be the size, shape, color, durability and cost of the stone. It is not always necessary to spend a lot of money on aggregates, since expensive selections are not always indicative of higher quality. Consider where the aggregate will be located and look for colors within that area. Once you have identified some of the core colors, think about the usage and purpose. Is it simply for decoration? In this case, the texture of the stone is less relevant than would be for picking stepping stone aggregates. Research before making your decision and you will be well on your way to the perfect selection!

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Why Avoid Using Backgrounds

Having a garden with some great flowers in your shots can be harder then what you imagined. The reason this can be hard is you have to rely on nature to cooperate with the sun, no rain, and even the wind. However, if you want to avoid this problem you may need to use something like ivy screens to help out. Then you do not have to worry about nature working with you, but also you can avoid buying all the costly background screens you can have.

The main reason you should avoid using these backgrounds is they are expensive to buy, and people can easily see the backgrounds were posed. With the screen, though, you can easily edit in the background you want to have. For example you can create a unique floral pattern around the model each time and have them completely satisfied with their pictures they have taken.

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