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When the Pain Became my Gain

A friend was moving into a new home and needed some help with his belongings. Knowing how difficult and time consuming the relocation process can be, I gladly volunteered to assist him. His girlfriend pulled up in the moving truck and we proceeded to get to work. A couple of other guys had agreed to help us so, expecting some additional help to arrive at some point, we began with the more manageable items and left the heavier stuff for later.

The hours came and went and no one ever showed up to assist. To avoid any further charges, we decided to unload the larger items ourselves so the truck could be returned that day. Everything was going well until we attempted to lift the sofa and I felt the most horrendous pain shoot down my back. Instantly, I was thrust into agony from the pain. For the next few days I was basically bed-ridden and could hardly move. I tried every type of painkiller I had available but received very little relief. Another friend suggested acupuncture Manchester but, since I had never tried it, I was quite skeptical. Finally, I grew desperate and agreed to give it a shot. To my surprise it turned out to be a great remedy and I kicked myself for being so stubborn and close-minded about the whole thing. It is human nature to resist change and the unknown but the incident really taught me a lesson and I don’t intend to make that mistake again as I have gained a new perspective on being open to new experiences.

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Fireflies Gave Away the Bride

It was funny before she even said it. After that they were lucky to be able to even stand in front of the minister, much less keep a straight face.

Her father had been held up due to the storm, but they had to finish the ceremony to make the flight. He called and said he would see them in Denmark, take them to that museum.

As she had walked past the moonlit, moss-covered oaks a number of fireflies appeared. She whispered to Jack, “I guess Dad sent them to give me away in his place.” She should have known better. By the time they made it to the altar they were straining to suppress their laughter. Everyone thought it was a precious way to start a marriage and somehow they got through the ceremony.

As they walked to the limo later she whispered “Or maybe they’re our wedding fireworks.”

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My Journey to Edinburgh

Of all the things I remember about going to Edinburgh, the Edinburgh Premier Inn hotels were absolutely stunning. As it has been over a decade since I’ve been there, I can’t quite recall the exact name of the hotel, although I remember it being along the lines of the Green Palace. But after all, I still can’t quite remember the name perfectly, it might just be a figment of my imagination trying to fill in an empty space. The hotel was very beautiful and took after its name by having much wildlife around it and a large collection of domesticated plants inside. They still had luxuries such as television with cable, free breakfast and dinner, and several pools separated by the class of the rooms. The rooms went from bargain to luxurious presidential suites. What I recall the most though is the tours that they gave. The area around it was beautiful.

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A Story About Real Tough Guys

Last weekend my friends and I held our annual fantasy football draft. Each year have the draft in my basement man-cave. It’s quite the sight to see, 10 middle-aged men, sitting around drinking beer, insulting one another, and most importantly bragging about being tough. Oh yeah, we also pick players for our fantasy football teams too, but that’s just an afterthought. So, imagine my surprise when all these self-described tough guys happened to see a mouse scurry across the basement floor. The high pitched squeals would have made a pre-teen girl blush. There were 300 pound men standing on couches, and tripping over one another trying to run up the basement stairs. The smallest mouse you will ever see caused glasses to be broken, beer to be spilled, bar stools to be tipped over, and grown men to lose their dignity. At next year’s draft, when one of my friends mentions how much they can bench-press, I’ll kindly remind him that a two-ounce mouse almost made him wet himself.

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Selecting The Right Stone

Selecting decorative aggregates can seem like an incredibly daunting and complex task. However, with a little knowledge and creativity, you will be able to select your stone from a palette of options with almost no complications. When selecting an aggregate, the main factors to consider will be the size, shape, color, durability and cost of the stone. It is not always necessary to spend a lot of money on aggregates, since expensive selections are not always indicative of higher quality. Consider where the aggregate will be located and look for colors within that area. Once you have identified some of the core colors, think about the usage and purpose. Is it simply for decoration? In this case, the texture of the stone is less relevant than would be for picking stepping stone aggregates. Research before making your decision and you will be well on your way to the perfect selection!

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The Younger Whippersnappers

After having fought in the second big war, I thought I would be able to overcome anything the world had to offer. I was forced to become humble when faced with the problem of a leaky bladder. My son told me of incontinence pads that could be put on just as easily as the underwear I was used to for years. I have to admit, my patience has grown pretty thin watching the world slowly descend into madness, and the last thing I needed was to lose control during one of what my son calls “rage rants.”

It has been about two years since having to start wearing the pads, and I have to say it really isn’t nearly as invasive as I originally thought when discussing the need for them with the family. I can even order them in privacy or have one of the younger whippersnappers pick them up from the store for me without even having to let anyone know of my problem.

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Sad Decision

My friend has just had to make the very sad decision to give up her dog. Sally’s dog is called Molly and Molly has been part of the family for eight years but the family are emigrating to America and they can’t take Molly with them.

The family have decided that they must do the right thing for Molly and hand her into a Staffordshire Bull Terrier rescue where they will find her another loving family. The rescue works very hard at re-homing the dogs that are taken under their wing.

Molly will be greatly missed but it is for the best that she goes to the rescue. The alternative would have been to take her to a council dog pound but that would not have been a very nice thing to do because they are very lonely places and if no-one decides to adopt the dogs, many of them are put to sleep.

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Why Avoid Using Backgrounds

Having a garden with some great flowers in your shots can be harder then what you imagined. The reason this can be hard is you have to rely on nature to cooperate with the sun, no rain, and even the wind. However, if you want to avoid this problem you may need to use something like ivy screens to help out. Then you do not have to worry about nature working with you, but also you can avoid buying all the costly background screens you can have.

The main reason you should avoid using these backgrounds is they are expensive to buy, and people can easily see the backgrounds were posed. With the screen, though, you can easily edit in the background you want to have. For example you can create a unique floral pattern around the model each time and have them completely satisfied with their pictures they have taken.

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